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?Ever heard of an obese caveman?



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One reason that you’ve never heard of an obese caveman was that they had to literally run for their lives at almost every turn, or at least be hyper-vigilant to the presence of food.? The existence of megafauna – mastodons, Saber-tooth tigers, cave bears, cave lions, cave hyenas,? mammoths, glyptodonts or giant armadillos, woolly rhinos – triggered the fight or flight response among cavemen, every single day. You can’t get fat on that. But it’s not just the unintentional workouts they got that kept cavemen fit, it was also what they ate, something that’s now known as? the Paleolithic Diet a.k.a. Paleo Diet.


The Difference Between You and a Caveman

Aside from the fact that you definitely look and smell better, there are other differences between you and someone who lived in the Paleolithic era or the Old Stone Age.

For instance, in the matter of food procurement, the technology of cavemen mostly consisted of stone tools used for throwing and hitting enemies or prey. Modern technology includes techniques in food growing, selection, handling, processing, and marketing that our ancient ancestors never experienced. That’s why the kind of food we typically eat is so different from what cavemen ate.

Modern people are known as homo sapiens, Latin for “wise or knowing man.” For a species that’s considered to be smart, though, people can sure be downright foolish about what they eat. ?Instead of eating food to maintain health and prolong life, most of what people eat today is making them obese, weakening their immunity to diseases, or even slowly killing them.

Consider what goes into the average modern diet: processed food, a lot of dairy, refined sugar, salt, refined vegetable oils, artificial food flavoring and food coloring. Some of those ingredients are toxic (can you say Red 3 dye?).? Most are threats to our health because we consume them in excess, like salt and sugar. It’s impossible not to do so, because nearly everything in our fridge and cupboards is laden with salt and sugar!


Cavemen Didn’t Count Calories

Now consider the Paleo Diet – eat anything that can be hunted down or gathered, but not taken from agricultural processes. In short, lots of fish and lean meat are okay (can be hunted), eggs, nuts and seeds, and healthy oils like olive oil and coconut oil are encouraged (can all be gathered in the wild), ditto with fiber rich fruits and vegetables.

Cavemen ate those food as much as they wanted, and they were fit enough to run down a mastodon or escape from a Saber tooth. No cavemen ever dreamed of counting calories. There was no need to!

The Paleolithic diet is a very simple and healthy diet, keeping degenerative diseases like diabetes and cancer at bay. That’s because it doesn’t include processed foods, carbs, sugar, and salt – things that we modern people tend to consume to the point of toxicity.


Cavemen were Hunters and Gatherers

Keep in mind that cavemen were hunters and gatherers. They didn’t farm. So, anything that can be hunted down and gathered: go for it. Food and beverages that need to be farmed or processed such as starches, legumes, alcohol, dairy, and grains must be ignored or avoided.

Do you want to lose weight, stay fit, be muscular and strong like cavemen? Then, eat like cavemen did! A friendly reminder though: seek medical advice first before embarking on any diet, to be doubly sure.