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      Information about Yeast Free Diet



      ?[ Valentyn_Volkov ]

      People who are intolerant with yeast or wants to reduce the possibility of growth of the Candida yeast in their bodies would want to follow the yeast free diet.? The restrictions on this diet are focused on promoting the overall health and well-being of an individual. Bacteria normally get in our body but we don’t want it to grow out of control wherein you can notice symptoms such as bloating and abdominal pain.

      With the yeast free diet, following it means you would have to avoid eating foods containing yeast such as breads, pretzels, rolls and other pastry or bready foods.? Vinegar is also to be avoided as it’s also high in yeast. That means you must avoid foods containing vinegar as an ingredient such as mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, barbecue sauces and salad dressing.? Also, avoid foods that needed to be fermented such as cider or sauerkraut and also avoid beer, wine and other spirits.

      Foods that are moldy like cheese, mushrooms, bacon (cured) and pickled meats as well as nuts also contain yeast.?? Canned tomatoes, soy sauce, herbs and malt are also moldy foods thus you must avoid them too.

      Yeast intolerant individuals would also like to have some sugary treats but they need to avoid from processed sugars like brown sugar, confectioners and granulated sugars.? Sodas should also be avoided, honey and even chocolate.? Fruits with high sugar should also be eliminated or avoided from the diet such as grapes.

      When you follow this diet from 3 weeks up to 6 weeks the yeast in your system would be diminished greatly. Your body would also adjust slowly to this new type of diet and you’ll start feeling and looking healthier. Toxins from the body are flushed off through this diet so you will feel more energized both in short-term and in long-term approach.

      Do take note that on the first weeks of following this diet your body is going to dump yeast toxins to your intestines and in women, their vaginal tracts that will cause fatigue, flu-like symptoms, irritability and weakness. But the body is going to rebound quickly. In order to prevent the re-occurrence of yeast problems and be able to maintain having good health then you must avoid foods containing yeast, dairy or sugar for the whole length of the yeast-free diet.

      After the 6th week you can slowly add in small amounts of foods that are considered as restricted.? But make sure you follow the rule that you can only add 1 new type of food at a time. This way you can track down your body to see if that type of food is causing you any problems or not. That’s when you will know what foods to avoid.

      People who are yeast intolerant will eventually know the limit of foods they can take and they are already familiar with the symptoms that follows with the different foods they consume.